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Through their Project Gift Administration Program, you can now make a donation to directly to our youth program. Simply choose "Calgary Yacht Club" as your Fund selection. All online donations will receive a tax receipt and we will receive 100% of the funds.


Teaching a child to sail is to give them a gift for life. They acquire skills that will continually help them as they navigate their way in the world. First and foremost, they gain self-confidence. As a kid, there is simply nothing like being able to pilot your own craft. Riding a bike is one thing, but skillfully steering and docking a sailboat is quite another. Spatial awareness is developed which brings them prowess in all activities that require co-ordination – like driving. Out of necessity, a sense of direction and weather knowledge are instilled and good organization becomes a habit.

The benefits of teaching a child to sail don’t end there. The weather does not always co-operate and being in a boat for hours can feel like a day on the slopes. But kids don’t complain – they develop toughness. They become accountable the minute they take the helm of their own boat and develop vision by balancing the finer details inside the boat with the larger picture of the lake or ocean. Sailor kids push through their fear threshold which fosters bravery – many are scared of capsizing or strong wind. At lastly, they learn patience – waiting all day for the wind to fill in requires an amazing amount.

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