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The Calgary Yacht Club at Chestermere Lake

“In 1923 the first sailboat, owned by Morris Shyback, made its appearance on the water,”  according to Mrs. Anne Hinds. In 1924 Roy Lea purchased a 15′ craft called The Native Daughter and interested Mike O’Sullivan (a City of Calgary Police Officer) in the sport. Thus, these three men formed The Calgary Sailing Club.  (page 387 Saddles Sleighs and Sadiron) Mr Shyback's boat was named "The Miss Calgary" and Mike O'Sullivan's boat was called "The Gleaner" after the first boat he had sailed on back in Ireland.

This year 2020, the CYC decided to start celebrating the upcoming 100 years of what eventually became the largest sailing club in Alberta, The Calgary Yacht Club.  A major celebration is planned for 2024 but meanwhile stories and photos are being published a they are written and researched.

Two other Chestermere history books (besides Saddles Sleighs and Sadirons 1971) have documented the history of the club, ‘Growing Through Time” (1981) edited by Elaine Peake, and ‘Chestermere a Home for all Seasons’ (2005) edited by Audrey McDonald.  All three books are available online.

‘Chestermere a Home for All Seasons’ is still available for sale at History Books about Chestermere

Thank you to research by local Chestermereian Eileen McElroy for the newspaper articles from the early days. 

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