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sailboat rentals

As a member you have access to boat rental from the Club - 420's for adults and Optis for Juniors. In the spring the boats are available during the week, evenings and weekends. During our teaching season of July and August, boats are available on weekends and on evenings when they are not being used. 

Be sure to check availability prior to use.

Boat rentals are $25/h

paddleboard and kayak rentals

As an added benefit to your membership, the Calgary Yacht Club has 10 paddle boards and 5 kayaks. Season's passes are available as an add on to your membership.

The purchase of a season's pass gives you unlimited use of the Club's equipment when it is not in use by the sailing school or for other Club events.

In order to use the equipment, you must:

  • Sign it out 
  • Have a waiver on file for the current season
  • Pay for use if renting by the hour ($10 + GST)
  • Wear a life jacket - mandatory

Once you are finished using the equipment, please ensure that it is returned to the racks. We understand that sometimes accidents happen, so if the equipment incurs any damage, please let the manager know so it can be repaired.

Please remember that these boards and kayaks are for use by all members as well as the sailing school and we ask that you treat them as if they were your own.

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