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sharing the facilities

In order to maximize the enjoyment, safety and security for those using the Club, all members must follow the guidelines below. 


  • Keep the main gate closed and locked at all times. The only exceptions are open regattas and Thursday night racing.
  • Please ensure that all facility doors are locked and lights are off upon your departure including the main clubhouse, upper clubhouse, sheds and gates.
  • If you are on the water and there is no one else on the property, please ensure all clubhouse doors and gates are locked.


  • The CYC Code of Conduct outlines the values, principles and standards of conduct that will guide our actions and interactions to all people as we provide a place to enjoy sailing, community and a sense of wellbeing.
  • Please ensure that you familiarize yourself with the document which can be found here or in the front entrance of the main clubhouse.


  • Temporary parking for trailered sailboats or coach boats requiring vehicle assisted launching is permitted only within the assigned trailer parking space.
  • All other vehicles remaining on site must be parked outside the fence.
  • Absolutely no vehicle parking in front of any parked boat that is not your own.
  • Absolutely no vehicle parking or unnecessary and continuous idling of vehicles in the area of the launch ramp and its approaches (area between the upper clubhouse and the ramp).


  • Park in the area assigned by the Manager only.
  • You must remit your boat parking fee with your membership annually.
  • Boat Parking Stickers must be applied to your boat by June 1st of each year. Boats with no stickers will be removed from the property at the owner’s expense.
  • Please keep your parking space tidy and free of garbage so our Bosun can keep our grounds looking good.
  • Other than grandfathered exceptions and winter parking, no powerboat/trailer parking is permitted on site.


  • Dogs are not permitted in any building.
  • Owners must clean up after their dogs immediately and place waste in the large dumpster only.
  • Dogs must be on leash and in control by their owner at all times.


  • As a member of the club, you are able to use the club equipment (kayaks, paddleboards and sailboats) for a nominal fee (please see fee schedule).
  • Please check in advance to ensure the equipment is not in use by the sailing school.
  • All equipment must be signed out and unless you have purchased a season’s pass with your membership, you must have a credit card on file.
  • You must sign an annual waiver to be kept on file.
  • Lifejackets are mandatory.


  • As a matter of courtesy to our sailors, there is no powerboat launching available on Thursday evenings or during regattas. Please check the website calendar for a list of events.
  • For safety reasons, at no time can the docks be used by powerboats or jet skis for the purpose of dock starting for waterskiing, wakeboarding, tubing etc. Courtesy and safety are paramount on and around the docks.
  • Powerboats must maintain idle speed only within 100 feet of the club docks.


  • Please remove wet and muddy footwear at the entrance doors.
  • As a member of the club, we ask that you treat the clubhouse and grounds as you would your own home. If the dishwasher is full, empty it. Wipe down the counters and rinse out the sinks. If the garbage is full take it out to the bin in the parking lot.
  • If you make a mess, please clean it up. If you see a mess, please clean it up.
  • There are cleaning and consumable supplies available under the sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms or in the supply closet – it’s okay to change the toilet roll.


  • The bar will be open when there is someone available to man it – usually during social events or regattas.
  • If the Manager is on site, feel free to request that the bar be made available.
  • If the Manager is not on site, please feel free to request the code to the lockbox.
  • No outside liquor may be brought onto the premises.
  • In order to use the chit system, you must have a credit card on file.
  • Coffee and tea are always available free of charge.
  • If you finish something or find it low, please be courteous and advise the Manager so it can be restocked.


  • As a member of the club, you are required to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours throughout the season. There are a wide variety of opportunities to fulfill this requirement.
  • You will be invoiced $175 for payment of the volunteer bond at the beginning of October if you have not fulfilled this obligation by the end of the season.
  • Volunteer hours will be tracked by the Manager. If you are performing work that is not tracked through the website or a sign-up sheet, it is your responsibility to email with the necessary information.


  • Please feel free to introduce your friends to our Club. Please note, however, that you may only bring the same guest a maximum of three times per year. The objective of guest privileges is not only the further enjoyment of your membership but also the development of new members.
  • If the number of guests being hosted by a member at any one time exceeds 10, the member must contact the Manager in advance.


  • We do not rent the facility to non-members for weddings, birthday parties and other events of that nature.
  • We do rent the facility on occasion to other not for profit groups, youth groups or the City of Chestermere.
  • As a perk of membership, you are welcome to rent the facility depending on availability. The charge for use of the club varies based on certain criteria. Please contact the Manager for further details.
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