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Skippers Plan Insurance

Insurance matters for dinghy sailors. Most sailors start off in the dinghy classes when they are young and many have fond memories of time spent in Opti’s, Lasers, 420s, and many others. Young sailors are only concerned about the boat itself (and rightly so) while the responsibility for storage, transport, maintenance and insurance falls to their parents. Below is some important information you may not know about insurance.

The Cottage Boat 
If you have a Laser at the cottage the most reasonable option is adding it to your home or cottage policy. The home policy coverage is normally not as good as a stand-alone boat policy but it will meet the needs of most cottage sailors. If you can’t get it added to your policy then buying stand-alone coverage is easier than trying to find a new insurer for the cottage. Caution – if you attend that one regatta on your lake each year make sure the policy does not exclude racing.

The Club Racer or Sail Training Boat
When you move into this category it is time to seriously consider a stand-alone boat policy. This policy will provide better coverage for physical damage, liability protection while racing and you will deal with adjusters experienced with boat repairs if there is a claim. Our Skippers’ Plan policy for day sailors was designed for just for this type of sailor. Pricing is reasonable and you get agreed value coverage so there is no depreciation applied on claims. Our policy covers you while sailing anywhere in Canada and the contiguous USA (no Alaska or Hawaii) from April 1 to November 15. The boat is also covered on shore during the winter.

Sail Canada Membership

Thanks to your Sail Canada membership, you have exclusive access to extra benefits on your Skippers’  Plan Insurance.

Who is Eligible?

  • All Sail Canada members including current members of yacht clubs, class associations and sailing schools
  • Spouse of the eligible Members
  • All dependent children of the members provided they reside with the individual and are 25 years of age or younger; or attending  school or college. 
Exclusive Sail Canada Skippers’ Plan Features
  • Decreasing deductible endorsement
  • Emergency expense endorsement for towing vehicle & trailer
  • Regatta expense coverage
  • Racing collision claims settled based on protest committee decision


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