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History of the Calgary Yacht Club Burgees and Crests

Burgee - a flag bearing the colors or emblem of a sailing club, typically triangular.

As far as we know, there have been three burgees for the Calgary Yacht Club.  The first was a banner with the initials C.Y.C. (see photo) as well as it shows up in a photo of Phil Linder (1948-2013) and Allan Strain in Calgary Herald newspaper article (c 1970s) that is in an old album of articles owned by CYC and donated by Kay Lowney’s family. 

In 1978 the club mounted a contest with a number of designs in the running. On the photo of these designs we can see a note by Kay Lowney, CYC member and wife of Ed Lowney, which one was the winner.  However no actual burgees with that chosen design have surfaced.  An enlargement of that winner is below (see photo).

The story of the present burgee ( red background with white sailboat sailing) probably starts in the early 1980s when Peter White was Commodore.  It was related to me by Lee Nagy, CYC member, Laser Radial fleet. 

“I can only go on memory but some distinct things stand out on the design of the two boats or the goose CYC burgee. Peter White, Peter Roxburgh, myself and possibly a few other CYC board members were meeting at a pub.  I can’t remember the name of the establishment nor the year. Peter White was the Commodore.  He moved to Australia shortly afterwards.  We were talking about needing a design for a new burgee and he (Peter White) quickly pulled out a bar napkin and drew the design on it.  We all loved it.  It was two boats sailing upwind with a wake behind them.  I think that over time the line between the boats and wake has gotten thicker and/or longer and it sometimes looks like a flying goose.  Maybe not a bad thing either. The CYC Board approved the design, and pennants were printed.”

Frank Meriwether of Calgary was a member of CYC.  He owned Danziger Art Glass. Danziger produced the design as a round stained glass which Frank donated as a gift to the CYC. It definitely stands out in the front entry way of the new clubhouse, built 2010-2011.  In recalling this, Frank said, “I trust it has been enjoyed by all the club’s members since then and will be enjoyed by members for years to come. I miss the many weekends I once spent at the CYC.”

The CYC Crest – From Michael Hooper on the CYC Crest (2017).  “I don't know who designed the old crest. The inclusion of the propeller certainly indicates the importance of power boats at the time. All power boats that were used for regattas and club sailing were privately owned and their use donated. Power boaters participated actively in club events and very often they or a member of the family was a sailor.” 

A newer crest has recently come to light (July 2017) courtesy of Dan Stark, whose family, the Dowlers, had a cabin at Chestermere for many years.  This is pictured as well. Their story is in ‘Growing Through Time’, published by the Summer Village of Chestermere in 1982.

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Original Burgee 1978 Contest Winner Present Burgee

Original Crest Updated Crest 

Courtesy of Michael Hooper and Jen Peddlesden

Submitted by Jen Peddlesden CYC Member, President Chestermere Historical Foundation Aug 2017

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