Our Club cannot run without the valued time, talent and treasure of our volunteers.  We want you to spend your volunteer time doing things you like to do!  Available opportunities will be sent out via Sign Up Genius.

As a member of the club, you are obligated to work 10 hours of volunteer time during the course of the season or pay a$175 work bond.  

You also have the option to help the club by donating your work bond, even if you have worked your minimum 10 hours. Please contact the club manager manager@cyc.ab.ca at any time if you wish to do so.

Volunteer hours must be logged with the Club Manager. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to have hours and tasks recorded.  Failing to do so may result in unrecorded hours. If your volunteer time is not included on the sign up sheet, you will need to email manager@cyc.ab.ca to provide notification of hours and work performed.

If you have not fulfilled your volunteer obligation by September 30, you will be invoiced for the work bond.  You will have 30 days to pay the invoice either by cheque or credit card.  Should your work bond go unpaid, your membership will be suspended until such time that it is.

Not a sailor, no problem? There are plenty of volunteer tasks that do not require any knowledge of sailing or racing. Are you a senior citizen? There are plenty of jobs that are not physically challenging.

Professional skills are greatly appreciated and especially valuable to the club so if you are a professional or tradesman of any type and able to contribute please let us know. We can save a great amount of money if you can volunteer your skills. Some professional skills needed from time to time are as follows; mechanic, carpenter, plumber, lawyer, IT, HVAC, construction, communications, marketing, accounting, electrician, etc.

Please take the time and sign up for the jobs that you would like. You can sign up for more than one job. Let's spread to work load over as many volunteers as possible. 10 hours is only a minimum, there are club members that volunteer many more hours than the minimum. Let’s all help...many hands make light work and a great club experience for all. 

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