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The Calgary Yacht Club is an active spot on Chestermere Lake and around the world. We like to share news about our members, sailors, and current events. Check back here often.

1st Annual Wine Tasting Event a Success!

March 14, 2023

The 1st Annual Wine Tasting for the Calgary Yacht Club's seasonal house wine took place on March 10th with a fantastic turnout of members and guests in attendance. Members enjoyed a sampling of French wines presented by Magnum Wine and Spirits coupled with tastes of charcuterie while raising funds for the Youth Race Team. 

CYC Member, Denise Moser, shares on the positive experience, stating "We had soooo much fun!" 

A heartfelt thank you to Ken and Nicole Dixon for spearheading the kickoff to what will become a new tradition at the Calgary Yacht Club, which members can look forward to for years to come!

ISAAC BUSSIN, CYC Member, at the 2023 ILCA 6 Masters World Championship - Pattaya, THAILAND 

February 20, 2023

Hello Fellow Sailors,

It is Isaac Bussin, your fleet captain, providing you with a newsletter about the 2023 ILCA Master Worlds in Pattaya, Thailand.  For those who don’t know the ILCA is the new name for the laser and a master is anyone who sails an ILCA that is at least 30 years old.  Believe it or not, there were two sailors that were older than 85 years old sailing in this year championship.  Both named Peter.  Maybe there is something in the name but I digress.

I am writing this newsletter during my last night in Thailand.  Yesterday the regatta for the ILCA 6 (radial) was completed and the ILCA 7 (full rig) will start in a few days time.  As one can surmise, I competed in the ILCA 6.  Based on my age I was sailing in the apprentice fleet (age range between 30-44).  There was 9 sailors in my fleet.  Apprentice fleet typically has a low turnout but I think there were over 120 sailors from 24 countries if you count everyone who sailed the ILCA 6.  Due to the low turnout in the Apprentice we sailed with next age group up but were scored separately.

The regatta was 7 days long with a rest day in the middle and I trained two days before the event.

The weather was amazing.  On average the wind was 12-15 knots and the temperature was in the 30’s during training and the first four days of racing.  There was a tide we had to deal with too.  Most of the time, the current was pushing sailors over the line which can be seen with all the black flags in the larger fleets.  I was over one race but that had to do with me mistiming my acceleration.

The second last day the races were cancelled due to no wind.  The last day the wind flip directions and came from the shore.  The wind was puffy and shifty.  Peter Van Muyden (race officer from Wabumun) and I thought the wind was stable compared to Chestermere.  It was my best day of racing.

I ended up fourth out of nine boats.  I don't take too much stock in results in winter regattas as I am out of practice.  I just tried to enjoy the sailing.

Overall it was a great experience and met a tonne of new people.  I will be interested in going to more master worlds in the future.


Alberta represents in Thailand 2023
From left to right: John Kortbeek from Glenmore: grand master division, Vicky Kortberk from Glenmore: support,  Jordyce Van Muyden from Wabamun: Finish boat & Scorer, Peter Van Muyden from Wabamun: Pin boat & Scorer, Isaac Bussin).

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